Harbin Designs is now Harbinger Marketing. The team is excited to find a name which truly encompasses our vision and our skill set. If you are wondering why we chose Harbinger Marketing, here are a couple of simple reasons:

  • Designs is too limiting—Although we offer graphic design and logo design, we did not want to be associated with these services alone. We are a full-service outsourced marketing team so having a name with marketing mentioned helps us convey our company clearly. Harbinger Marketing can design, but we can offer so much more.
  • Harbinger speaks to our passion—We are passionate about igniting growth for companies and heralding the success of our clients. With Harbinger, we are communicating that we are messengers, communicating your message impactfully to reach your customers.

Even though we have a new name, we are still the passionate team of creatives we have always been. As we continue to grow, Harbinger Marketing truly does fit the essence of who we are, where we are going, and how we can work for you. We are excited to ignite growth for your company with new energy!