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Based in Peachtree City, GA, Ageless Wellness Center offers a tailored and holistic approach to health and wellness. Their trained professional team uses empathetic and skilled methods to get to the root cause of illnesses.

The Center's staff works with each patient to develop a unique plan that puts them on the path to physical or mental wellness, whether through methods like IV vitamin therapy or life coaching and offering aesthetic services like laser skin rejuvenation or laser treatments.

“We weren't coming up as the first client when you Google botox or when you Googled functional medicine, and we didn't know how to do that. We also wanted to broaden our practice and reach other patients. We knew it would take takes 3-4 months to really comprehend what our practice was about, what our big money makers were, and to make those come up first in the search engine optimization. Within the fourth month, we were already taking off and seeing how our new patients were coming in. It felt like a good fit right from the beginning.”
- Karen Sagon, Chief Financial Officer of Ageless Wellness Center

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92 Keywords Rank #1

Surge in Website Traffic

Significant Increase in Call Volume

Increased Listing Visibility

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