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J&M Pool Company is a full-service pool company offering customers ten decades of combined experience in pool construction and maintenance. J&M Pool Company has become the highest-rated pool service in Fayette and Coweta country by providing a quality approach to their craft and sincere customer service. Their high-standard approach to pool construction, renovation, and inspection has set them apart from others and continues to contribute to their impressive reputation among their customers.

“Over the past 2-3 years, we've seen 150-200% growth... Once we brought Harbinger on, all those stresses that I carried on my own, I passed over to them... With Harbinger Marketing, what I put in, I'm able to see the ROI and minimize the cost that goes in but increase the ROI. If you're really looking to take a leap forward, you need help. You need to bring someone in to take you to that next level and Harbinger Marketing has been that for us.”
- Jacob Durand, Owner of J&M Pool Company

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