Four Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing: Unlocking the Power of Digital Engagement


According to a recent poll, 4.89 billion people use some form of social media on a daily basis. From Facebook to TikTok, users interact with videos, posts, and ads at an incredible rate, making social media one of the biggest information sharing platforms out there. Social media is changing how we market businesses, helping us reach more people faster. But what makes social media marketing so effective? What sets it apart from other ad placements such as Google or LinkedIn? Keep reading to learn how your small business can significantly benefit from the use of social media.

Frequent Viewership – It’s estimated that the average user spends about 135 minutes per day on social media – and this rises steadily every year as more people join the many available platforms. The reason why this helps businesses is because of the sheer volume of users. Your partner base can view your company’s daily posts and see your ads on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

Consistency – One of the best ways to earn viewership is to be consistent. With social media, it’s easy to create quick posts and push them out on a balanced schedule. After a while, viewers will start to expect when your posts will go live, making your account part of their routine.

Accessibility – With the help of direct messaging and comments, it’s easy to get in touch with possible partners through your social media account. Even if the comments are negative, showing people that you’re active captures their attention and interest. A responsive business that keeps its cool and remains professional is a respected business.

Helpfulness – While social media is a place to share “goings on” and life in general, it is also a place where people can find helpful information, especially from businesses. With social media, your company can advertise its events, promotions, and points of contact; educate people on your business or relevant issues; share relevant information, and provide product and service updates. By mixing in a wide variety of content on your social accounts, your viewers will see that you have lots to offer, driving higher engagement rates.

Whether you want full-scale account management or prefer a collaborative approach, our team at Harbinger Marketing follows a successful formula to ensure that your account taps into the power of social media, beginning with getting to know your company inside and out. By understanding your message, desired audience, and company culture, we'll help you achieve the ideal online presence for your needs.

Social media is just a small portion of marketing, but it’s undoubtedly highly effective. At Harbinger Marketing, our primary goal in providing social media services is to make your business as effective as possible in the digital world. With our team of experienced content creators, marketing directors, and videographers, we’ll work with you to create accounts that are sure to maximize your partner base. With personalized content, Harbinger Marketing knows how to keep your socials influential and active. For more information on Harbinger Marketing, contact us today at 770-268-3061 or visit our website.

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