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In-house marketing out-sourced. Harbinger Marketing serves our clients as their outsourced marketing department. We are a team of highly qualified designers, developers, copywriters, experts in social media, videography, photography, branding, and brand messaging. We have extensive experience and a strong track record in digital marketing through our use of search engine marketing, online advertising, review generation, listing management, social media, as well as other tools and techniques.
Additionally, we are well-versed in traditional forms of advertising, everything from direct mail to local publication to radio. From designing, printing and delivering business cards and other printed materials, to managing the production of branded apparel, to negotiating placement rates with advertisers, to negotiating co-op-ed marketing dollars with our client’s suppliers and other partners–our team has done it all. We truly are a full-scale full-scope marketing department out-sourced.
Outsourced marketing is the solution for busy business owners who are ready to grow and maximize their ROI. Instead of hiring a full-time marketing director with limited resources, manpower, and skills, you get a whole team of talent working for the success of your company for the hours you truly need. We design a customized marketing plan which will showcase your company’s story and ignite the growth you have been craving.

Harbinger Marketing is looking to hire a Marketing Intern.


The position – Our company is looking to hire an imaginative, energetic and responsible Marketing Intern with a background in content curation, copyrighting, graphic and web design to assist our Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Operations, Video Production, Web Design and Development, Asset Fabrication, Strategic Partnerships and Culture teams. The ideal candidate will have a passionate drive to learn all aspects of the company and the softwares and processes needed to complete assignments and will be able to execute projects with minimal supervision.
Our goal is to train our interns for 3 months (480 hours) to become full-time paid employees. It will be up to the individual and company to decide to continue working for the company in a full-time capacity after the internship is completed.

Our work environment includes:
– Clear and kind culture
– Modern office setting
– Growth opportunities
– On-the-job training

Harbinger Marketing is a rapidly growing company, having explosive back-to-back years in our past six years in business. We are looking for a Marketing Intern who has a desire to be a part of building something great as well as a strong personal commitment to an intense work ethic, client service, constant improvement, aggressive growth, excellence in all things, and keeping a positive attitude under pressure.

Duties and Responsibilities:
As a support role for the various teams, the Marketing Intern (MI) is responsible for the following:

Shadowing and “Field Trips”
The MI is responsible for shadowing a specific department (we refer to this as the “home team”) to be determined by the Director of Culture. The various departments include Content, Digital, Operations, Strategic Partnerships, Video Production, Web Development and Design, Asset Fabrication, and Culture. During this time of shadowing, the MI will also take ‘field trips’ to other departments as needed to shadow them in their work.

Internal Communication
The MI is responsible for communicating internally on Webex, Asana, or Gmail with their department head they have been assigned to shadow, making sure that they are available for ‘field trips’ to other departments in case their team does not have work for them to accomplish in a given day.

Be Ready and Willing to Learn
The MI is responsible for listening and learning what they are taught from all departments in regards to processes and softwares that are required to accomplish daily tasks.

Complete the Tasks Assigned
The MI is responsible for completing the tasks assigned to them in their personal project in Asana and asking questions of their home team when they do not know how to accomplish a specific task or project.

Always Continuing Education
In order to achieve high levels of efficiency, broaden abilities, sharpen skills, and better assist the departments by understanding process flow, the MI will participate in key meetings (and shadow at various shoots during their internship).


Skills and Qualifications
Marketing Interns use a variety of soft skills and industry knowledge to manage their tasks effectively and provide the most comprehensive support to the various departments, which includes:
– Strong written and verbal communication skills to articulate clearly with various departments
– Excellent interpersonal skills for representing Harbinger Marketing in client-facing activities.
– Project management experience and time-management skills for juggling numerous time-sensitive projects simultaneously. Being familiar with project management software is also an asset.
– Great computer skills and knowledge of basic computer applications, programs, and features is a must.

Education and Training Requirements
Enrolled in a current college or university, pursuing a degree in Marketing or Business.

Qualities We’re Looking For
An enthusiastic individual with a strong desire to learn and expand their marketing expertise. Motivated to ask questions, implement direction, and seek additional projects. Someone who takes the time to understand our client’s brands, products, and services.

Details: In-office. Pay ranges from $10 – $15 hourly depending on experience.

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