You Respond When a Customer Calls, But Does Your Website?


Hello, how can I help you? Having a responsive website is not necessarily about having a site which responds with a greeting to the actual customer, but rather responds to the user’s internet platform. When a customer accesses your site, using a mobile phone or a computer, the screen resolution should not suffer in any way. All of the text, images, menus, and functions of the website should adjust to be perceived clearly regardless of whether the customer is using their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to engage with your site. Essentially, your website should respond with the utmost functionality 100% of the time.

How important is it for my website to be mobile accessible?

Often amateur web designers will make mobile versions of sites to try and combat this issue, but the issue of search ranks remains. Simply put, mobile versions of sites tend to rate poorly in the search engine ranks. At the same time, the opposite problem can be created when there is not consideration for mobile users. Not all desktop sites are responsive to mobile phones and tablets.  As reported in 2013 by Pew Internet Research, “63% of mobile device owners access the Internet. 49% of U.S. mobile users get directions, recommendations or other location based information.” These numbers have been on the rise steadily in the past three years. The percentages should demonstrate how important it is to consider mobile users when creating your company’s website.

How can I make my website more responsive?

If your company is going to be noticed in the digital world, your website being responsive is of the utmost importance. When customers try to call a company, if their call is not answered, business could be lost to the competitors. In a similar fashion, if your website is non-responsive, the user will proceed to a site which offers the appropriate resolution. If your company is ready to be responsive in the digital world, Harbin Designs creates sites which respond with superior resolution regardless of the platform.

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