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Is Direct Mail Outdated?

Although direct mail could seem old school or outdated, direct mail still prompts a higher response rate than any marketing medium, including digital marketing. Especially in a world where customers' inboxes are overloaded each day with advertisements, a company showing up in their actual mailbox can be refreshing. 76% of consumers have stated that they trust direct mail whenever they want to make a purchasing choice. Since 85% of your business comes from within a 5 mile radius of your business, direct mail can be a powerful means for gaining attention. 


Find Your Potential Customers

Using geographic and demographic filters, we can search for clients based upon important factors, such as age, drive time from your location, income, etc.

Design Your Materials

Based upon your specific needs, we will custom-build your materials to communicate your message and reach your intended audience.

Start Your Direct Mail Campaign

We will implement your direct mail strategy and ensure your marketing materials are delivered to your potential customers. At the same time, we will be reaching your customers through digital means as well.

Analyze the Efforts

After the campaign has been completed, we will review how successful the measures were so we are able to recommend improvements for the next time. Our team will always be looking for opportunities to build on your growth and success.

How We Can Maximize Marketing Efforts

Multi-channel marketing helps solidify your brand and company in your potential customers' minds. When they are continually seeing your business in various mediums, they will be more likely to remember your company when they have a need. 

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