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Internet Ad Strategy and Placement Atlanta, GA

What is Internet Ad Strategy and Placement and Why Does it Matter?

Internet ad strategy and placement is the art of crafting your message and optimizing the results. With ads cluttering up the sidebar of every page, standing out from the competition and not being noise is vitally important. At Harbinger Marketing of Atlanta, GA, we believe internet ads are incredibly powerful if utilized strategically. Our team has the experience to maximize your online advertising efforts and traffic, while limiting the charges for ad clicks. With a carefully crafted internet ad campaign, your company will experience growth, increase traffic, and gain visibility. 

How it Works:

Research & Analysis

Before we begin your campaign, we get to know your business thoroughly. Understanding the core of your business will help us effectively advertise it. Additionally, our research will include finding out about your audience, industry, and competition. When we have context for your company, the team can determine the best way to reach your customer base.

Craft & Optimize

Using our findings, our team will maximize your ad campaign, utilizing strategies such as keyword optimization and optimized landing pages. Our mission will be to make your ads current and competitive.

Evaluate & Adapt

Internet ad strategy needs to be an ongoing process to be truly successful. Staying on top of search results requires constant evolution and adaptation. During our evaluations, if there are aspects of the ad strategy which were not as effective, we will try a different options. Our team always seeks to improve your strategy and exceed expectations for growth. 

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