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Marketing Budget Management Atlanta, GA

What is Marketing Budget Management and Why Does it Matter?

With the variety of marketing opportunities available, choosing the best outlets for maximizing your marketing budget can be challenging. In terms of marketing budgeting, having a strategy which prioritizes the most valuable options for your company specifically can minimize waste, maximize your efforts, and prevent your marketing from being disjointed or spread too thin. When Harbinger Marketing of Atlanta, GA manages your marketing budget, you can feel confident that your monthly marketing budget is being utilized properly so your future customers can best find you. Similar to how an internal marketing director is in charge of funds allocations, your project manager from Harbinger will analyze your current expenses and determine the best way to capitalize on your brand and assets through marketing tools, such as traditional advertisements, graphic design, social media, internet ads, and more. We can help you achieve growth and success by strategic and customized marketing budget management.  

The Process:


Before beginning your marketing efforts, our team will get to know your business, budget, goals, and audience. These details will be helpful for determining the best way to utilize your budget for maximum impact.


Using the information gleaned, we will implement our marketing plan using tools which are well-suited to meet your specific needs. 


Committed to continual improvement, we analyze the success of our marketing efforts and determine what approaches were most valuable. If certain tools are not as effective as desired, they may not be invested in for the following month.

Reinvest in high ROI marketing

In the next month, we focus our efforts on the tools which proved to have the highest ROI for your company. 

Keep the budget current

Each month, we provide detailed reports and analytics to demonstrate exactly which ventures were profitable and how your current budget made these ventures possible. 

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