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Named Targeted Marketing Atlanta, GA

What is Named Targeted Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Named targeted marketing is a direct way to make sure your message gets to the most relevant potential clients. Using the power of advanced artificial intelligence, we are able to target specific people or job types in the companies or types of companies you choose to make sure they receive information about your company. This service is not just re-targeting ads, but rather making sure decision makers see your service or product. Basically, your ad will only show up on sites for the specified individual/type of individual, but that specified individual will see the ad repeatedly on different sites. The more times an ad is placed in front of them, the more likely they will be to notice and remember your company. Basically, named targeted marketing ensures the right people get your message in Atlanta, Ga and beyond.

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    Saves money by only channeling your message to relevant people

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    Maximizes your influence by sending your message only to decision makers

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    Focuses your marketing efforts by honing in on the ideal audience

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    Delivers incredible results by continued exposure to the right people

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    Grows your client base

How it Works:

Establish Your Goals

When we prepare to launch a named targeted marketing campaign, our team will meet with you to discuss your needs, message, and intended audience. If you have specific names you want targeted or just a type of position, we can do that. For example, if you want to reach all restaurant owners in Atlanta, GA, we can reach them with your message. 

Research Your Targeted Audience

Once your relevant audience has been determined, we utilize the AI to locate all of their online profiles so we can find opportunities to share your message. Consider if you had a video advertisement, then your video would show up on their Facebook feed, the commercial spot when they are waiting for an online TV show to return, a suggested video on YouTube, and probably on sidebars here and there as well. Your video will just keep popping up, encouraging them to hear your message. 

Analyze the Results

After your campaign is underway, we will track the results and see how the video has been viewed as well as how many of your targets have bought in. At Harbinger Marketing, we continually seek to increase your growth and exceed your expectations so any options for improvement will be maximized. 

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