Visitor to Customer: Part 7


A microwave can cook your dinner in a minute. Dash buttons can allow you to order regularly used items the very second you run out. Almost every grocery store has started offering online shopping which allows you to exchange hours of in-store shopping for a speedy pickup loaded directly into your car in minutes. Amazon offers two-day shipping on countless items. What do all these things have in common? Speed. Our world is obsessed with speed. We want what we want as fast as possible. As if drive-throughs were not already fast enough, several of them now let you order in advance, so your order is already ready when you hit the parking lot. Regardless of what industry your business is in, speed has a significant impact on whether your visitors will become customers.

How can speed impact your customers?

If your site is too slow, the visitor will move on.

Within seconds of clicking on your site, the visitor should be able to access the needed information. If the site does not load quickly, the visitor will move on to the next option on the Google search. Visitors will not have the patience to bear with your site being sluggish. If the wait time exceeds four seconds, you have already lost over 25% of your visitors. For every additional second your page takes, the number of visitors bailing will continue to rise. Make the investment in having your website fast enough to be experienced.

If your site requires too many steps to find information, the visitor will move on.

Your website should instantly help your partners find what they want. If the needed information is not clearly provided on the main page, there should at least be clear direction to find the needed page. Your visitors do not have time for a treasure hunt therefore make it easy and fast.

If your site does not allow quick communication, the visitor will move on.

Whether using Live chat or simply a contact page, connecting with the visitor quickly is vital. Before the visitor has a chance to get frustrated and move on, you are available in their moment of need. Be fast to anticipate their needs and you will be much more likely to gain their business.

Contacting Harbin Designs for help is super-fast!

Our team is standing by to help you optimize your website to catch your visitors before they jet on to the next option. Speed is everything when it comes to converting visitors to satisfied customers.

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