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Harbinger Marketing makes us feel like we are their only client... our leads have doubled at least. We are very pleased! I don't feel like we are missing anything by not having an in-house marketing person as we did before. I still feel like we have an in-house marketing person that is more qualified to help us make decisions and that person now is of course, Harbinger Marketing.

- Chris Kemp, Owner of Kemp's Dalton West Flooring

I have experienced an approach that made sure we were heading in the direction I wanted. I have seen work put in month after month to achieve our goals, actual progress with keywords, and an increase in lead conversions that put real revenue into our business.

- Aaron Capannelli, Owner of 770-Tree-Guy

Our first year with Harbinger was remarkable, sales went up by 30% our leads went up by 221%, and our new customers increased by 24%. Nearly a quarter of our business came from new customers and that is all a result of our marketing efforts with Harbinger.

- Alan Ferguson, Owner of Ferguson Heating and Air

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