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What is Email Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Since the average person receives over 100 emails a day, standing out in the inbox takes a clear strategy. Email marketing is a powerful tool which allows your company to share vital information, promotions, events, news and updates on a consistent basis. With Harbinger Marketing of Atlanta, GA, we can help your email marketing campaigns achieve greater success by increasing overall email interaction and trackable conversion rates while decreasing your unsubscribe rate and bounce rate. Even with a constant flood in our customers' inboxes, a proper email marketing campaign is still influential and valuable for building customer relationships and promoting your company's offerings.

Campaigns We've Created

How it Works:


We begin by analyzing your database. Factors such as knowing the type of customers on your list, their motivations for signing up, and the current open rate are valuable for planning your email marketing campaign.


We will look at your existing database to ensure the recipients are appropriate. There is no value in sending email marketing to outdated addresses. At this phase, we also lay the groundwork to ensure that your emails will actually make it to the recipients and not get filtered out of their inbox. 

Plan & Create

Working with you and your team, we will determine the who, when, and how often for your emails. Every client has different offerings and needs so this is customized to achieve your goals. With your guidance, our content writing team will plan, write, and design all of your email campaigns in coordination with the rest of your marketing efforts. 

Track & Report

We track and measure open rates, click through rates, and bounce rates so you know how effectively your campaign has performed and how strong of an ROI was achieved. Additionally, we utilize our analytics to determine how many next steps were taken as a result of the email. 

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