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What is Video Animation and Why Does it Matter?

In world of shrinking attention spans, video animation can be a powerful asset. Your customers often will lose interest reading in under ten seconds, but will actually watch a video for two minutes on average. Video animation can communicate a lot of information quickly. From advertising a new product to promoting a cause to showcasing your business as a whole, video animation is an effective way to reach customers in Atlanta, GA. With a carefully scripted video optimized to include your message and tone, your company can communicate more efficiently and impactfully. 

Regardless of the industry of your business, video animation can be a useful tool for reaching customers. The most common purposes we have encountered for using video animation are cause videos and marketing videos. 

Example of a Cause Video

Example of a Marketing Video

  • Audience:

    Parents in GA

  • Message:

    Casinos in GA would be dangerous and not improve education

  • Outcome:

    Motivate parents to contact representation to vote against casinos.

When a video for a cause is needed, we can create a video animation which will be compelling and fit the desired tone. Before crafting the video, we will collaborate with you to learn the audience, intended message, needed tone, and desired outcome. In this video, the issue of casinos is being presented to encourage parents to be aware of the possible consequences involved. 

  • Audience:

    Business owners, managers

  • Message:

    PRC+ will make your job simpler. 

  • Outcome:

    Business owners/managers choose to try PRC+

Video animation is a great way to convey information in a fast and engaging manner. Whether showcasing a new product or service, you can communicate the important details to potential customers in a more accessible format. In this video, Padgett Risk Consultants wanted to market their new application. If the same information had been presented on a web page, it would have required considerable reading. This video presents all the necessary information quickly and powerfully. 

The Process:


Our team will get to know your company and your goals for the video. Through this phase, we will determine the message, style, tone, audience, and intended outcome of your video animation.

Planning & Script Writing

At this point, we will begin writing the script and planning the visual elements to meet the goals for the video. 

Story Boarding

Frame by frame, we start to plan how each word and image will be combined to accomplish the task. 


Now that a clear plan has been laid out, the visual portions will be created to pair with the script cohesively. 

Voiceover & Music

Once the visual design elements and script are completed, we will add the audio portion. The music will be selected to further the intended tone and give energy to the video as a whole. 


All aspects of the video will be brought together to create the final product. The animations will be timed for maximum impact combined with the spoken script and music. 

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