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What is Local Listing Management and Why Does it Matter?

Listing management is important for keeping your customers informed. Since many customers will look up important details about your business before visiting, such as phone number, hours, and services, these details need to be correct on all possible sites. For example, if your visitor looks up your hours and arrives at your restaurant only to find it closed because the hours online are listed improperly, you likely have lost the opportunity. Similarly, if an online visitor tries to call your phone number and it is either wrong or disconnected, they will move on to your competition. Not only will you lose business from these kinds of mistakes, but you will also lose the confidence of potential customers. Ultimately, these sort of issues can be avoided with proper management of your online listings. Located near Atlanta, GA, Harbinger Marketing's listing management will ensure that when your business is listed on sites such as Google, Yelp, or Facebook, the listing is accurate, consistent, and up to date. With our help, your potential customers can always locate or get in contact with your business.

How it Works:

Update in Real Time

Using an online tool, we are able to update your listings on over 50 platforms instantly. This saves considerable time and hassle in comparison to manually updating all of your listings.

Protect Your Details

With our listing management, we have the ability to lock your listing information so it cannot be changed by unauthorized users. Once your listing is correct, we keep it up to date and secure.

Maximize Your Listings

We are able to insert clickable links or a call to action right in your listing. Whether trying to boost a new promotion or your existing services, this is another opportunity to lock in new customers. 

Analyze Engagement

Evaluating the data and metrics available through our listing management, you can determine how customers are interacting with your listings. This can be helpful for determining how to market to your customer base. 

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