Why Join Harbinger?

We foster thriving individuals and careers.

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for growth

We are a catalyst for growth because we believe that thriving businesses foster thriving individuals

We believe that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and risk takers are the backbone of our economy and have the opportunity to help people thrive. By helping them grow, we help individuals grow. Our success is found in our partners’ success. We love to see them win!




Core Values

Live Intentionally

Every moment we have on this earth is a gift. We care for our families, friends, bodies, souls, and minds while pursuing our craft.

Confidence with Conviction

We trust every team member and believe the best of one another. We do the right thing no matter what.

Growth is Collective

We challenge the status quo and embrace the everpresent opportunity to achieve more. We pursue growth for our team and for our partners so that we reach our collective potential.

Clarity is Kindness

We communicate with total clarity in all situations. A lack of clarity is a disservice to those around us.

Cultivate the Culture

We cultivate a culture where people find meaningful friendship and community at work.

How we take care of you

Harbinger Marketing values and invests in its employees' well-being by providing comprehensive benefits that support their health, financial security, and future. We offer competitive health insurance plans that cover various medical expenses. In addition, employees have access to life insurance policies that provide financial security for their families and disability insurance plans that offer income replacement if they are unable to work due to illness or injury. We also offers a 401k retirement plan with matching contributions to help employees save for their future. By offering these benefits, we aim to ensure that its employees have the resources and support necessary to achieve their goals and maintain peace of mind.

Health Insurance

We offer a United HealthCare Plan with health and prescription coverage after the 60-day introductory period. Even if an employee opts out of this plan, they will receive a stipend from Harbinger for the healthcare of their choice.

Dental & Vision

We offer voluntary dental and vision coverage for eligible employees and their family members after the 60-day introductory period.

Term Life

Each eligible employee will have $50,000 of term life insurance provided to them at no charge.

Short-term Disability

For up to 90 days a large percentage of an employee's salary will be paid by Harbinger if that employee cannot work due to a serious illness or injury.

Long-term Disability

For up to 2 years a large percentage of an employee's salary will be paid by Harbinger if that employee cannot work due to a serious illness or injury.

401k Plan

All employees are eligible for participating in the Harbinger Marketing 401k once 2 months of service is complete.

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