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Website Design & Development Atlanta, GA

What is Website Design & Development and Why Does it Matter?

Through web design and development, we can give your website the beauty and function needed to reach your customer base in Atlanta, GA. Our team will work with you to craft a website which will set the right impression and establish your online presence. Regardless of industry, your company needs to have a website which will encourage your clients' confidence and serve their needs. Your website is the foundation which will support all of your marketing efforts. Harbinger Marketing can help your business grow through building a strong website which functions smoothly and impresses your visitors. 

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Our process includes these crucial steps:


Before we begin crafting a successful website, we build a solid foundation utilizing research and internal information from your company, including discovery briefs and interviews. At the end of this phase, we will have a clear plan and timeline in place.


Strategic and thoughtful content is essential for converting visitors into customers. We will craft your company's message to fit your intended audience. Our content is optimized for SEO purposes to channel interested customers to your site. Your input will be useful for ensuring that the content accurately represents your company. 


We will create a website with the ideal blend of convention and creativity. Your website will further your branding, showcase your color palette, satisfy all functionality requirements, and include best usability practices. Your site will meet the highest standards both in industry innovation and practical usage. 


With the popularity of smartphones, mobile optimization for your website is crucial for reaching your customer base. Your site will be responsive to various screen resolutions and enjoyable on all platforms. 


Your website will be completed, including secondary pages and varied content. All of our websites include dynamic menus as well as sitemaps to control navigation easily.


For your website to be powerful, it has to be marketed properly, which includes leveraging SEO, PPC, Internet ads, and more. A website can only provide the growth and success you desire when paired with a strong marketing strategy.

Good Websites Get Results

7000+ Online Generated Calls

Tracked on unique numbers that did not exist before working with Harbinger Marketing

Huge increase in website visitors

Over 4,000 new visitors in the last 12 months

More Visibility in Google Search

304% increase in google searches in the first year.

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