We Are a Creative Force of: Content Writers Developers Marketers Designers Creatives

We strive to be a catalyst for growth because we believe that thriving businesses foster thriving individuals.

Meet the Team

  • David Harbin


  • Dave Kerford

    Chairman of the Board

  • John Murry


  • Troy Williams

    Business Development Manager

  • Clay Alexander

    Marketing Director

  • Jennifer Nicholson

    Marketing Director

  • Daniel Harbin

    Marketing Director

  • Stephen Mitchell

    Marketing Director

  • Jason Brady

    Marketing Director

  • Dave Rosenberg

    Marketing Director

  • Micah Smith

    Art Director

  • Elijah Lee

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Jack Foley

    Lead Media Producer

  • Georgi Georgiev

    Lead Developer

  • Corinne Roberts

    Social Media Coordinator

  • James Pollard

    Executive Assistant

  • Garrett Reid

    Content Creator

  • Langley Colman

    Content Creator

  • Michael Pollard

    Content Creator

  • Nazzir Santana

    Project Coordinator

  • Herbert Williams Jr.

    Administrative Assistant

  • Meredith Talmage

    Lead Content Writer

  • Joel Lee

    Digital Marketing Specialist

Harnessing the power of digital and traditional marketing

Our team has a strong track record of igniting growth for our clients. Through Harbinger Marketing, companies, regardless of size, can have the fire of a fully qualified marketing team. We partner with you and become your marketing team, implementing customized strategies to maximize your company's potential, reach your client base, and tell your story passionately. 


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    We want our clients to be fulfilled doing what they do best--running and growing their business. Let us take care of the marketing.

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    We believe that a healthy business is a growing business and we want to be the catalyst for that growth.

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    Thriving businesses are beneficial for business owners, their employees, their families, their customers, their communities, and the world beyond.

Interested in becoming a part of the Harbinger Marketing team?

We are consistently looking for highly qualified candidates with education and experience to further our efforts. Visit our careers page to explore the opportunities!