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What is Search Engine Optimization and Why Does it Matter?

Search engine marketing is one of the most important ongoing services for your company in Atlanta, GA. Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that your future customers find you before the competition. Based upon a core strategy of content generation. We analyze the data and increase the traffic to your site. The strategy is outlined quarterly followed by 6 months of tactical implementation. After each quarter, we evaluate the success of the strategy and implement changes as needed. Monthly, we will provide detailed reports of traffic, keyword placement, and tasks accomplished so you can see how your company's visibility and growth have improved. With a customized strategy to fit your website, the team at Harbinger Marketing will ignite significant changes for your online presence. 

The Optimization Process:


We help you determine and define SEO goals, which includes what do you want to rank for and what keywords are most valuable for your business.

Optimize for Conversion

We ensure that if someone does end up on your website, we get them to take whatever action they need to take. There is no value in working hard to get your website ranked number 1 unless your site converts visitors into customers. 

Continual Optimization

Optimization has to happen on-page and off-page to achieve the desired results. For on-page, we make sure that your website gives Google exactly the factors it is looking for: fast, clean code, and quality.  In terms of off-page, we develop a link building strategy, which includes getting other websites to link to your site using a wide variety of different types of backlinks, such as editorial, guest blogging, premium listing, homepage links, and more.


We test and measure the success of our efforts so we can refine the strategy and implement changes to our optimization to beat the competition and stay ahead. 


We provide transparent reporting to show your traffic, call volume, bounce rates, keywords ranks, and actual links created. We want you to be informed so that you see a tangible ROI. 

Track Record of Success

Consistent 1st Place Ranking for High Value Keywords

Dominated the search engines for Fayetteville, Newnan, & Peachtree City.

7000+ Online Generated Calls

Tracked on unique numbers that did not exist before working with Harbinger Marketing

More Visibility in Google Search

304% increase in google searches in the first year.

New Visitors from Target Areas

75% of visitors to the site are new, and they come from the target demographic.

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