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What is Public Relations and Why Does it Matter?

Essentially, public relations influences the feeling that someone gets when they think of your company. The perception of your company can greatly impact your success so being intentional about your public face is important. Serving Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas, Harbinger Marketing specializes in crafting first impressions and helping maintain strong reputations long-term. Through media relations, community relations, and event planning, our team will help your company project the right image to your customers, community, and beyond. 

Our Public Relations Offerings

Media Relations

If managed properly, the media can promote positive feelings towards your company, services, and products, which can in turn function as free advertising for your business. Some of the tools which are helpful for handling media relations include press releases and interviews. Working with your company, our team will help you determine what newsworthy stories you have to offer and how to best communicate the details to the press. We can create press releases to disperse to the media or we can coach you and schedule an interview. 

Community Relations

Being involved in your community and community events provides an opportunity to increase visibility, but also a great way to communicate the core values of your company. If something good happens in the community, your company has the chance to be involved and show support. Our team will brainstorm with you to determine the best ways for your company to be a part of your community and establish a good public opinion. 

Event Planning

Events are a great way to build excitement and interest in your company. If your company wants to hold a charitable event, gala, or sponsored event, our team can help plan the logistics and prepare to ensure the event will promote good exposure for your company. 

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