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What is Social Media and Why Does it Matter?

With over 3.48 billion users worldwide, social media plays a significant role in the lives of your customer base in Atlanta, GA and beyond. Through intentionally crafting your social presence, your business has an incredible opportunity to engage with your customers. Social media creates an accessibility that customers do not tend to feel through your website. If customers have a question or problem, social media is a forum which most customers expect to be able to get a fast response. Keeping an active social media presence which is catered to your customer base and responsive to their needs can be overwhelming. With Harbinger Marketing, your social media can be managed by a team of professionals who know how to win the social media game. We will get to know your company, your message, and your audience to help you project the ideal online presence to reach your customers through social media. Experience growth in your company by tapping into the power of social media's authenticity and accessibility. 

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