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What is Logo Design and Why Does it Matter?

Your logo greatly impacts the first impression your clients form about your business. Often, your logo will be seen before a client ever interacts with your staff or views your services or products. A properly done logo will build upon your branding, project the core of your business, and encourage confidence. From the colors to the font to the word choice, every element of your logo design plays an important role in helping you gain customers in Atlanta, GA.

Fresh New Look

The Phases of Logo Design


Your branding should inspire your logo design. Through this research phase, we will get to know your company, competition, and current trends to build a foundation for your project's success.

Create & Refine

Through a combination of brainstorming, sketching, and digitizing, we will find the most effective direction for your logo design.

Present & Revise

After we have crafted options for your logo design, our team will show you what the image would look like with real life application. After you have reviewed the options, any needed edits and revisions will be made.

Finalize & Implement

Upon approval of the logo design, final payment will be due before release of the design files. We will provide your final logo files in suitable formats for all applications and the rights of the intellectual property will be transferred. For implementation purposes, we can provide support for designing other marketing materials, such as business cards, social graphics, and letterhead. 

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