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Marketing Director

About The Job

A Harbinger Marketing “Marketing Director” serves as the bridge and primary point of contact between our partners and our team. They are in many ways a combination of a marketing strategist, relationship/account manager, and project coordinator. They are responsible for directing and leveraging our marketing team, tools, and resources in order to achieve our partners’ goals for their business. Marketing Directors create and oversee the marketing strategy for each of our partner’s businesses as well as maintain and nurture strong relationships with our partners, their employees, their supplier­­­s, their vendors, and Harbinger Marketing’s suppliers, vendors, and advertising partners.

This role is typically referred to as an “account manager” in traditional agencies. Some of the required skill sets may be the same, however with our unique, outsourced model; the role is much more aligned with the title of Marketing Director. The role actually requires leading all the marketing strategy and implementation for a company while working directly with the business owner.

Harbinger Marketing is a rapidly growing company, having had explosive back-to-back years in our past six years in business. We are looking for a candidate who desires to be a part of building something great, with a strong personal commitment to an intense work ethic, partner service, constant improvement, aggressive growth, excellence in all things, and keeping a positive attitude under pressure.

Further details and requirements are listed below:

Helping partners develop the kind of strategic marketing plan that allows them to succeed and, in turn, help their own employees grow is what Harbinger is all about.

Mike M.

Marketing Director

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Who We Are Looking For

  • — Self Confidence —
    Confidence in one’s own abilities, capacities, and judgments.
  • — Emotional Intelligence —
    Able to identify and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others.
  • — Problem Solving —
    Identifies and resolves problems time efficiently; Gathers and analyzes information; Develops solutions; Uses reason.
  • — Managing People —
    Includes staff in planning and decision-making processes; Makes self accessible to staff; Develops subordinates' skills and encourages growth; Seeks to improve processes, products, and services.
  • — Cost Consciousness —
    Works within approved budget; Develops and implements cost saving measures; Conserves company and partner resources.
  • — Oral Communication —
    Speaks clearly and persuasively; Listens and gets clarification when necessary; Responds informatively to questions.
  • — Written Communication —
    Writes clearly and concisely; Edits work; Varies writing style to meet specific needs; Presents data effectively; Able to read and interpret written information; Ability to write reports and business correspondence.
  • — Planning & Organization —
    Prioritizes and plans work activities; Uses time efficiently; Plans for additional resources; Sets goals and objectives.
  • — Project Management —
    Develops project plans; Coordinates projects; Communicates changes and progress; Manages project team activities.
  • — Presentation Skill —
    Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from supervisors, partners, customers, and the general public.
  • — Technologically Adept —
    Ability to quickly learn new software and programs, generally competent and comfortable with technology.
  • — Professional Demeanor —
    Presents a professional and pedigreed personal image both externally and internally.

What You Will Do

  • Lead and oversee the Harbinger Marketing creative and technical team during all phases of creative and interactive projects for their client/partner accounts.
  • Develop and nurture a strong relationship with the partner, provides insight and expertise to overall marketing strategy and messaging, as well as serving as the partner’s primary point of contact.
  • Provide leadership and direction to the Harbinger Marketing creative and technical teams during day-to-day project operations and administrative activities.
  • Participate in the planning, design, and development of project requirements, strategy, analysis, and development process.
  • Assist the Art Director with formulating project objectives, functional requirements, technical specifications, and overall aesthetic goals.
  • Plan, organize, and schedule activities and sub-tasks in order to meet objectives.
  • Implement, adjust, and/or develop operating policies, procedures and systems to support planned operations for each partner account.
  • Ensure new policies and adjusted policies are well-documented and communicated to the marketing team.
  • Contribute to the design of technical standards and project processes.
  • Develop and manage project budgets.
  • Authorize expenditures and monitor account reconciliation and status to ensure compliance with fiscal guidelines and profitability both for Harbinger Marketing and for our partners’ individual marketing budgets.
  • Prepare and/or direct the preparation of financial reports and marketing reports as required.
  • Manage staff assigned to each partner project.
  • Motivate and monitor the progress of work performed by the creative and technical team.
  • Respond to internal and external requests for information.
  • Serve as a key resource for project information and resolves problems or questions referred by internal and external sources.
  • Establish and maintain an active network of professional contacts.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned or requested by the partner or by Harbinger Marketing.

How we take care of you:

Harbinger Marketing values and invests in its employees' well-being by providing comprehensive benefits that support their health, financial security, and future. We offer competitive health insurance plans that cover various medical expenses. In addition, employees have access to life insurance policies that provide financial security for their families and disability insurance plans that offer income replacement if they are unable to work due to illness or injury. We also offers a 401k retirement plan with matching contributions to help employees save for their future. By offering these benefits, we aim to ensure that its employees have the resources and support necessary to achieve their goals and maintain peace of mind.

Health Insurance

We offer a United HealthCare Plan with health and prescription coverage after the 60-day introductory period. Even if an employee opts out of this plan, they will receive a stipend from Harbinger for the healthcare of their choice.

Dental & Vision

We offer voluntary dental and vision coverage for eligible employees and their family members after the 60-day introductory period.

Term Life

Each eligible employee will have $50,000 of term life insurance provided to them at no charge.

Short-term Disability

For up to 90 days a large percentage of an employee's salary will be paid by Harbinger if that employee cannot work due to a serious illness or injury.

Long-term Disability

For up to 2 years a large percentage of an employee's salary will be paid by Harbinger if that employee cannot work due to a serious illness or injury.

401k Plan

All employees are eligible for participating in the Harbinger Marketing 401k once 2 months of service is complete.

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