The fastest growing tree service in Fayette and Coweta County.

770-Tree-Guy is the fastest growing tree service in Fayette and Coweta County. Since the company opened in 2011, they have developed a strong reputation for excellence in arboricultural care and customer service. Led by a certified arborist, 770-Tree-Guy has recently expanded to include a new facility offering green waste, PHC, and colored mulch. Now, 770-Tree-Guy is easily one of the most recognized home services brands in the area. We have served as their full out-sourced marketing department since 2016. 

“I have seen work put in month after month to achieve our goals, actual progress with keywords, and an increase in lead conversions that put real revenue into our business.”
- Aaron Capannelli, Owner of 770-Tree-Guy

Results that speak for themselves

More Leads for Less Money

With Google Ads, Harbinger Marketing generated 3,000+ leads at an average cost per lead of $29.50 over the past 2 years. The average cost per lead is 61.8% lower than the industry average of $77.28.

Consistent 1st Page Organic Ranking for High-Value Keywords

Out of 257 tracked keywords, 257 rank on the 1st page of Google Search with 167 holding the #1 position!

16,250+ Online Generated Calls in the Past Year

In the past 2 years, 110% more calls have been generated with tracking numbers that did not exist before Harbinger Marketing!

Unreal Social Media Growth

Massive increase in social media presence from two years ago compared to the previous year.

Over 52,000 New Visitors Brought to the Website in 3 1/2 Years

35,000+ total website leads generated between forms and calls combined

Huge Boost to Google Search Visibility

180,000 listing appearances in Google Search generated by Local Listing management and keyword targeting from Harbinger Marketing

Finding solutions through design

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