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All Glass is a rapidly growing small business servicing Fayette, Coweta, and Heard counties. They offer glass repair and installation for a variety of purposes, including frameless glass showers, windows, windshields, mirrors, and almost anything else glass related. They are passionately committed to delivering excellent customer service and investing in their community. All Glass chose to use Harbinger Marketing beginning in 2017 and they have made significant gains in their visibility and growth as a result.

“The amount of money that I've spent with Harbinger Marketing is genuinely pennies on the dollar on what he makes our business.”
- Travis Montgomery, Owner of All Glass

Results that speak for themselves

187 keywords are ranking #1

271 total keywords are showing on the first page of Google organic search

Huge increase in website visitors

Over 3.5k new visitors to the website in the past year

Over 8,000+ online generated calls in the past three years

Tracked on unique tracking numbers that did not exist before working with Harbinger Marketing.

Increased Visibility

24% increase in Google searches over the past year - 4,200+ more than the previous year

Finding solutions through design

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