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Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company is an established leader in the HVAC industry and a pillar of the community with over 73 years in the business. With four generations represented thus far, Ferguson is a family-owned business known for their integrity, committed customer care, and meticulous work. They specialize in the design, sale, installation, service and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, and home comfort systems. Since 2016, we have furthered their success and brought new energy to their business through operating as their full out-sourced marketing team.

“Our first year with Harbinger was remarkable, sales went up by 30% our leads went up by 221%, and our new customers increased by 24%. Nearly a quarter of our business came from new customers and that is all a result of our marketing efforts with Harbinger. ”
- Alan Ferguson, Owner of Ferguson Heating and Air

Results that speak for themselves

Consistent 1st page rankings on over 151 keywords

Dominating search keywords relating to HVAC in Peachtree City.

Over 3000 Online Generated Calls!

Tracked on unique numbers that did not exist before working with Harbinger Marketing

Huge increase in website visitors

Over 4,000 new visitors in the last 12 months

Finding solutions through design

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