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As a family owned company with three generations of FitzGeralds represented, Fitzgerald & Sons Plumbing is committed to continuing a long-lasting legacy of innovation and integrity. FitzGerald and Sons is a truly versatile plumbing company, handling all plumbing related needs in commercial buildings, such as stadiums, malls, hospitals, and schools, as well as residential concerns, such as a backed-up kitchen sink. Regardless of the size of the need, the team at FitzGerald & Sons is dedicated to quality work and ensuring client satisfaction.

“"The results and stats I see are right on. The return on investment's been very good. This has been a much easier way of organizing all of my marketing and being consistent. We've never had that and the results are showing now...we are extremely busy and are staying very busy. It's hard to take the plunge, we call it, which is spending a lot more money on the front end to realize these returns, but I can tell you, it's been absolutely a slam dunk."”
- Mike Fitzgerald , Owner of Fitzgerald & Sons Plumbing

Results that speak for themselves

190 Keywords Rank #1

With 391 keywords showing on page 1 in Google search, 190 of those hold the #1 position.

Significant increase in website visitors

18.7k new website visitors in the past year, in comparison to 13.2k the previous year

16,500 online-generated calls in the past two years

Recorded on unique tracking numbers that did not exist before working with Harbinger Marketing

Increased Visibility

66% increase in Google searches over the past year (57,000) in comparison to the previous year (37,400)

More Leads for Less Money

Over the past year, Harbinger Marketing increased Google Ads conversions by 386% while decreasing the cost per conversion by 20%!

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