Redefining your Dental Experience

Providence Dental Spa, located in Macon Georgia was founded in 2011. They offer state of the art dental solutions with spa relaxation. Providence is raising the standard and expectation of what a dental experience can be.

“I have definitely seen an increase in revenue and clients - we have had to hire new dentists, hygienist and assistance just to handle the new flow of new patience. ”
- Dr. Jason Mann, Practice Owner of Providence Dental Spa

Results that speak for themselves

Surge in Call Volume

10,400 generated calls in under two years of service using unique tracking numbers that did not exist before working with Harbinger Marketing.

More Visibility In Google Search

61,700 Google searches in under two years resulting from targeted keywords and search terms generated by Harbinger Marketing.

Consistent 1st Page Ranking for High-Value Keywords

Out of 173 targeted keywords, 158 rank on the 1st page of Google Search with 30 holding the #1 position!

Over 34,000 New Visitors Brought to the Website in Less Than Two Years

The average time spent on the website by each visitor was 2 minutes and over 11,700 submitted a contact form or called directly from the site.

More Leads for Less Money

Unreal progress from the first 6 months of service to the current date, increasing Google Ads conversions 744% while decreasing the cost per conversions by 33%!

Finding solutions through design

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