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Southside Wrecker has been challenging the expectations of what a towing company can do for over three decades. Beyond the typical tow services, Southside Wrecker is also known for their emergency services, equipment transport, light and heavy towing, accident recovery, and rotator services. They have extensive experience working in diverse industries including the film industry, construction sites, and airlines/airports. Teaming up with Harbinger Marketing in 2018, we have helped Southside Wrecker gain ranking in online searches and access a wealth of new customers through serving as their full out-sourced marketing team.

“About a year ago, we identified that we needed to greatly improve our marketing for the company. We did look at the possibility of adding a marketing position in our office, but then we met with Harbinger and realized that we can have an entire team for about the same cost per year. And we find it’s been very effective to go that route.”
- Jeff Poquette, Owner of Southside Wreckers

Results that speak for themselves

Massive Increase to Google Search Presence

364% increase in Google search presence from the first 6 months of service (45,700) to the current date (212,000)!

Significant Increase in Call Volume

50,700 calls generated in under 2 years with unique tracking numbers that did not exist before working with Harbinger Marketing.

Consistent 1st Place Ranking For High Value Keywords

Out of 684 keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google search, 259 held the #1 position.

More Leads for Less Money

From the first 6 months of Google Ads service to the current date, Harbinger Marketing increased conversions by 827% while decreasing the cost per conversion by 167%!

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