PPC/SEM Specialist

Who We Are:

Harbinger Marketing: We are a fast-growing marketing and web development company based in the United States. Due to our team’s exponential growth, we are looking to expand and enhance our team. Currently, we are working with contractors all over the world. This has been a successful strategy for some time, but we have decided to make a big change.

We believe that the best work happens in an environment where an employee is more than a number and where an employer is more than a paycheck. Our team shares a deep commitment to treating each other with love, respect, and dignity. We spend a lot of time “at work”; life is too short to not work at a company that you love. We believe that the best work will come from a team that is not fully remote and share life in common beyond their work in at least some capacity.

Harbinger Marketing is planning to develop a Bulgarian team located in the city of Varna and eventually establish an office and robust team which will service 100% of Harbinger’s development & Ads needs. We have a long-standing member of Harbinger located in the city of Varna who will spearhead this initiative. The role will be a full-time remote contract position at first with limited face-to-face interaction with our team in Varna. The goal would be to eventually transition this role to a regular full-time position as a part of the subsidiary we start in Bulgaria, and an office we establish in Varna.

About the Role:

  • The PPC/SEM Specialist will be working directly with our Digital Marketing Department team daily.  The DMD team will gather all necessary information for each client from our Marketing Directors and ensure that the PPC/SEM Specialist has everything needed to set up and run successful digital ad campaigns.
  • The goal for this position is to first maintain and improve approximately 15 Google Ads accounts while ensuring enough bandwidth to onboard additional accounts.  Harbinger has a set of “legacy” clients that have been with us for several years.  These accounts have been consistently performing well over the recent months and must continue to do so under the PPC/SEM Specialist’s management.
  • For Harbinger contractors, we offer 20 days of paid time off (PTO), along with PTO for every National Holiday which falls on a weekday.

Who We Need:

This role is responsible for, but not limited to:
  • Ability to complete a full account setup of Google Ads (campaign, ad account, ads, keywords, conversion tracking, etc.)
  • Must be proficient in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for conversion tracking purposes.
  • Must be a capable writer for ad copy purposes.
  • Make recommendations and provide insight on best practices for our client’s accounts to be as successful as possible.  Ability to think outside of the box and give a unique perspective to help our clients achieve their revenue goals.
  • Must optimize and work within the accounts on a routine basis to ensure that any issues are caught & resolved before having the chance to cause a significant negative impact.
  • In the event that a client is running Youtube Ads, the PPC/SEM Specialist must be capable of linking the Google & Youtube accounts and managing Youtube Ad campaigns within the Google Ads platform.
  • 3-5 years of PPC/SEM management experience
  • Ability to write well (specifically for ad headers and descriptions)
  • An understanding of the best practices for the rapidly changing field of digital advertising
  • Ability to troubleshoot & tackle problems as they arise
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written
    • Able to verbally communicate clearly with clients, should the need occur
  • A working level of English, both verbal and written
  • Have quick and steady access to the internet
  • Able to effectively take critique, work efficiently under pressure, meet predefined deadlines, and execute quality work under tight deadlines
  • Has strong attention to detail and a healthy dose of perfectionism
  • Willingness to learn and grow with our company
Qualifications considered a plus:
  • Ability to work in various ad platforms outside of just Google Ads (Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Ads)
  • Proficient with Call Tracking services (Call Tracking Metrics, CallRail, etc.)
  • 5-7 years of experience
Starting pay at 3,000 BGN (net) (negotiated individually based on skill set & experience.

Interested in joining our team?

Please email resume and references to: info@harbingermarketing.com

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