4 Ways to Improve your Business Through Social Media


With well over 2 billion users worldwide, social media has become an essential for everyday life. Whether posting a Twitter status, watching a Snapchat video, liking a Facebook post, or sharing a photo on Instagram, the average social media user spends 135 minutes per day on social media sites. The numbers for social media usage rise steadily every year. The question could be—why should you and your business care? Since the majority of your partner base is regularly interacting with social media, your company has an opportunity to reach partners every day. While a partner may not see your newspaper ad or walk past your fliers or billboards, your company could easily be spotted when potential partners scroll through their feed.

How can you access potential partners via social media?

Be consistent.

Regularly appearing on social media is vital for your company’s social profiles to be effective. Instead of randomly posting every so often or inundating your followers with 65 posts a day, find a balance where your name is spotted regularly. If your company has posts which your followers can expect daily or weekly, then you have suddenly become part of their regular routine. As you know, we have Marketing Mondays every week where we share tools of the trade, as you are reading right now. Having established routines and regular posts makes your company visible without being obnoxious with excessive posting.

Be responsive.

Your company’s social profiles can be excellent outlets for customers to reach out. Whether by commenting on your posts or sending direct messages, your potential customers are reaching out and will likely venture elsewhere if not addressed promptly. When a customer comments, whether positively or negatively–respond. When someone tags your business in a post–respond. When a direct message shows up–respond. Being responsive is essential for gaining partners and keeping partners through social media.

Be useful.

If your social media page does not add value to your customers’ lives, they will not utilize it. Social media pages can be a great place to share company news, current promotions, photo galleries, etc. When your profile provides useful information, promotions to save money, or a contact point for questions, the site has a practical value for your customer base. Having a social media account is important, but if it is not helpful in some way, it will not produce the outcome desired of growing your business.

Be a Harbin Designs customer.

Social media management is one of the many services we offer to make your company more effective in the digital world. Using our knowledge of social media and marketing, we can work with you to create and run social profiles which will maximize your partner base. Our team will work directly with you to make sure the page fits the core of your business. Our social media management can be personalized to fit your needs whether you want full scale management or a collaborative management. Contact Harbin Designs to schedule a consultation and learn more about how social media can help your business!

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