Visitors to Customers: Part 1


“Hi, how can I help you?” This phrase or some form of it usually is heard from the minute you walk into the door of a business. Before a visitor to the store has a chance to feel lost, the employee acknowledges them and offers assistance. Your website should be no different. Every visitor who connects with your website should feel supported and valued. If a connection is not built quickly, a visitor could move on to your competition easily. Although there are many ways to convert your online traffic to customers, one simple service can make a world of difference in this realm: Live Chat.

Simply put, Live Chat works extremely well because it is fast and easy!

Live Chat is…

Fast—In a world of microwaves, Google, and instant gratification, we want what we want right away. If a website takes a long time to load, there are countless other businesses in fingertip’s reach. We do not have patience to wait because we do not need to. With abundant other options, websites have to be user-friendly and helpful in a matter of seconds or the visitor moves on. Live Chat is a quick way to establish a connection with a visitor. If the potential customer is struggling to find something on your site, a bubble for Live Chat can pop up to help right when needed. Using page tracking technology, your company can provide support before a customer leaves in frustration. This perfectly timed assistance often will be the reason the visitor becomes a customer.

Easy—We have enough challenges in everyday life, so we want easy. According to Ecommerceresearch, Live Chat is the preferred means of communication. Customers are highly satisfied with Live Chat because they were helped promptly with very little effort on their part. Live Chat is popping up, ready to help, often before customers have gone looking for help. Instead of having to pick up a phone or type out an email, essentially, they are sending a text message for help. Live Chat skips the time of waiting through annoying automated systems on the phone or waiting for an email response.

Beneficial for all—Clearly Live Chat is a positive for your partner base because of the speed and ease, but it is also great for your company. Live Chat goes straight to the core of your customers’ needs. Instead of talking on the phone or wading through a slew of emails, your customer service employees can simply write short responses directly connected to the potential customers’ needs. Companies, such as Virgin Airlines, have noted increased productivity as a customer service representative can assist far more customers for their time.

Growing—LivePerson, a Live Chat service, noted last Black Friday 860,000 conversations were hosted through their service for businesses. These 860,000 Live Chat sessions were instrumental in making sales for these companies. This number has grown since the previous year and is expected to grow this coming holiday season. When surveying customers, LivePerson found that over 40% of their customers communicated that they would be more likely to use Live Chat in the future if it was mobile accessible on every site offering the option. Clearly, mobile accessibility is vital for your website’s overall success and Live Chat functionality. According to SimilarWeb’s State of Mobile Web US 2015 report, 56% of web traffic has moved to mobile devices. As web traffic has continued to shift to mobile and will continue, having Live Chat available via mobile on your website will have a strong impact on your visitor conversion rate.

Live Chat cannot replace one on one human interaction, but it’s about the next best thing. Contact Harbin Designs to learn more about how we can help you improve conversions, build strong customer relationships, and amp up your customer service through Live Chat.

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