4 Ways to Improve your Website’s Content


In our technologically driven society, most people would realize that businesses need a website. Whether looking for a nail salon, an insurance agent, a plumber, or a physician, potential customers will likely use a Google search to find whatever services needed. Once your website has been located, the next task needs to be winning the customer over. After the customer decides to contact your business, what will continue to motivate your customers to utilize your website? The simple answer is content. Initially, your contact information may be all the customer will need from your website. If your customer is going to use your website beyond simply getting your phone number, the content must be valuable and helpful.

Your website needs to…

Educate: Your website provides a great opportunity to share with your customers about your business specifically and related topics to your services. Getting to share about your company’s history can establish credibility as well as help your customers connect in a more personal manner. For a service industry business, a regular blog post on your website can share useful maintenance tips for helping save time and money between your service visits. Content about preventative measures could keep customers and their homes safe. A website can be more than just a landing page for your contact information when your website educates and enriches your partners.

Interest: Find ways to make your website more interesting. A “Meet the Team” section can help customers connect with your employees as well has humanize your company, making a partner feel less like a number. Photo galleries of your completed projects not only demonstrate your company’s abilities, but also encourage customers to dream of the possibilities for their home. Spotlighting your company’s involvement in local news could be of interest to your partners by showing your presence in the community. Having content beyond just the bare bones of contact information can really maximize your company’s potential and web presence.

Connect: A successful website builds a bridge. Connecting with your partners is more than posting your phone number or even having an online contact form; it is building and maintaining a relationship. Customer loyalty is built on the foundation of a relationship. When your customer feels connected to your business, they are more likely to consistently use your business and recommend it to friends and family. Your website should provide a variety of ways for customers to interact with your business. Live chat, social media hyperlinks, forums, and even just a phone number or email which is consistently and promptly answered are just a few of the options which could foster connections.

Choose: Choosing Harbin Designs to manage your website’s content ensures that your company’s website will be maximized. During our consultations with your business, we collaborate with you to guarantee that your website will be personalized to provide what will truly be effective for your partner base. Contact us to begin dreaming of the possibilities for your website!

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