Visitor to Customer: Part 2


In a world of free two-day shipping, why are consumers still choosing to shop at brick and mortar stores at all? With websites full of options, why do many potential customers choose to stop by showrooms to see products in person? In short, people have become aware that pictures and online descriptions can be misleading.  Without a visitor being able to put a product in their hand, they do not as easily trust the quality. For some businesses, it is possible for potential customers to view products in person, but others may not have this option. Even when an in-person viewing is a possibility, the ability to lock customers in through your website is valuable, saving both time and your employees’ efforts. Videos which showcase your products or services can easily turn your online traffic from visitors to customers.

Videos help potential customers envision the possibilities.

When a visitor to your site sees a family operating their new security system with ease, it is easy to imagine how that system could serve their family. Although some potential customers may be able to imagine how a product could serve their needs, video gives a clear picture and encourages the connection to be made.

Envisioning the possibilities is especially important with any product which will be used in home improvement. A video presenting how beautiful and functional luxury vinyl flooring is, while showing the ease of installation, can be incredibly persuasive. Although a visitor might choose to view the flooring in person, even still the video can bolster their confidence in the product before they set foot in your business.

Videos help potential customers understand products fully.

When polled by Multichannel Merchant, 71% of customers stated that product videos explain more clearly than images alone. In videos, all angles of a product can be observed. Beyond seeing the product alone, the video can also explain the product’s functions or features as well.

Many companies have found success with product videos, such as the popular outdoor company, Kelty. After implementing product videos which were mobile accessible, their conversion rate of visitors to partners increased by 141%. The products did not change. The change was that online visitors could more easily see the products and how to use them. Their videos feature relatable people using their outdoor products, such as pitching a tent. What better way to showcase how easy your products are to use? Kelty can say all day long that their products are “easy to set up” in the product description, but a video demonstrates this fact much more powerfully. Not only does a video exhibit the greatness of their product, but it also builds the confidence of the visitor. A confident visitor can easily be converted to a customer.

Videos help potential customers have reasonable expectations.

Whether the video on your website is showcasing a product or a service, visitors can see how a product is used or the process used. If your company has a video showing a proper tree pruning, the visitor can see what steps are taken, how the tree is improved, the approximate time the service takes, and then they can imagine how the process could be utilized on their own trees. With product/service videos, your online visitors can have more confidence in your company and be much more likely to hire your company even though they have not encountered your business in person yet.

At Harbin Designs, we are all about building the best first impressions. Product/service videos can create a strong first impression of your company, your services, and your products. Let our team of professionals help you make videos that showcase your company well and will easily convert visitors into customers.

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