What is SEO?

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By definition, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is “the process of improving traffic to a given website by increasing the site’s visibility in search engine results.” Simply put, SEO is the key to your company being located by your potential partner base. When a user types in “interior remodeling” into Google, the search engine immediately scans through the endless information on the world wide web to locate the most relevant and popular sites. Sites which are optimized for search engines will be among the top results.

How does SEO work?

When the search engine is wading through the sites to determine relevance and popularity, SEO is what helps the search engine recognize a good match for the search. Search engine optimization includes using appropriate keywords, providing meaningful content, and displaying all of the information in a functional and useful way. If a site has superior content combined with the correct keywords, search engines will recognize it and post that site in the top results. Since 75% of users will not bother to look beyond the first page of results (Sensible Marketing), your business must be following the principles of SEO to have a chance at being noticed.

Why is SEO so important?

SEO is a powerful marketing tool for a couple of key reasons. First reason being that users typically will choose from organic (non-paid) results on search engines. Your company could have paid to make sure you are on page one by placing a paid ad, but your investment will most likely not lend the desired result. Since users more readily choose organic results, your company needs SEO to make sure that your company makes the first page. The other important reason for applying the principles of SEO is that it is the most effective marketing tool. Through SEO, your company is actually reaching the individuals interested in your type of services. SEO takes away the wasted resources and time of marketing to uninterested people. With SEO, your company is visible to the customers who want to find your services.

How can my company become Search Engine Optimized?

If your company is ready to stand out from the competition and inform your interested potential partner base, the team at Harbin Designs is prepared to help. Our team will carefully and meticulously create a site which will be recognized by search engines.

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