6 Tips for Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Because of current technology, the world is constantly at our fingertips. In the past, companies depended heavily upon printed flyers to communicate information, but email has steadily become the more effective and efficient means to reach partners. Since potential customers could be receiving over a hundred emails a day, being overlooked in the inbox can be serious problem. Your company could have the most fascinating tips or the best coupon code inside of your emails, but still be ignored without utilizing effective email marketing strategies. Consider implementing these five tips to improve your email marketing campaign:

1. Set clear expectations.

If you have not planned your emails specifically for your customer base, your emails will likely be ignored, deleted, or unsubscribed from. People are too busy to be bothered with emails which do not provide information they need or want.

2. Set clear expectations.

When a customer signs up for your email list, make sure that they have a clear vision of what to expect. If your email campaign will email them every day, they need to be aware, so they are not bothered by the frequency of your messages. If your company only intends to email once a month, inform partners so they will know what to anticipate.

3. Deliver on your promises continually.

If the incentive to sign up for your email campaign is access to exclusive coupons, make sure the coupons are delivered as promised. Your customers will feel misled if the coupon is non-existent or only a one-time thing. Establishing trust with your partners is vital for keeping their business as well as being welcomed in their inbox.

4. Choose the right time.

Time of day is important for being noticed in your partners’ inboxes. Depending on your customers’ lifestyles, different times and days may be more effective. Some customers may be best reached after 5pm once work is over. Other customers may be more apt to read your emails while bored at work mid-week. Although many of your customers may be off on weekends, they will likely be too busy with family and friends to read your emails. Determining the best day and time to reach your partners can have significant impact on the effectiveness of your emails. Since the customer is not likely to remember to wade back through emails to find your email, sending at a time which is convenient for immediate reading is important.

5. Use your subject line well.

Think of a subject line as functioning like a trailer for a movie. If the trailer does not grab someone’s attention, they are not likely to prioritize seeing the film. If your subject line is problematic, your customers may never know the amazing content available within your email. Your subject line should give a clear picture of the value offered within the email. Even worse than having a boring subject line is having a misleading one. People do not like being misled, so always be honest from the start.

6. Hire Harbin Designs to execute your email marketing campaign.

With a team of professionals planning your campaign, your email marketing can be optimized utilizing graphic design, marketing principles, videography, photography, and content writing. Our email campaigns are personalized to fit your company’s needs and goals. Contact Harbin Designs today to begin planning your email marketing campaign.

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