Is a Logo Really That Important?


Less than 24 hours after presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced his running mate and debuted his new logo, he changed the logo. The reason he changed it was because of the image giving an unintended message. His team worked to change the logo so quickly because they realized how powerful a logo can be. Logos leave an impression on peoples’ minds and it is not easily changed once sealed.

 Successful logos are strategic.

Every angle and color is chosen with vigilance to reflect the correct message. A logo is the first glimpse consumers will see, so make sure that message is displayed correctly. Even the font choice displayed in your logo can convey a certain feeling. Returning to the Trump logo, the font chosen by Trump is both classic and bold. Having the font in all caps also communicates strength. The logo is all in red and blue which reflects patriotism. The logo may seem simple on first glance, but it effectively communicates the ideals Trump intends.

In a similar fashion, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has also designed a logo heavy laden with symbolism. Her logo is also red and blue in color scheme to communicate her patriotism. Within her logo is an arrow facing to the right, which is interesting based upon her membership in the left wing party. The arrow facing the right is not accidental. She chose to have the arrow face the right because it represents progress. A left facing arrow would communicate going backwards, instead of forward towards change and progress. Both candidates display their values through their logo and your company can do the same.

Your logo can speak volumes.

Although you are not running for office, you are trying to showcase your business so consumers choose you over your competition.  The first step to successfully craft a logo is deciding what message you want to communicate. Your logo should highlight your company’s values as well as show how your business surpasses the competition. After your message is defined, the next step is using discernment in displaying this message. You may not be able to communicate everything about your company in your logo, so you should choose the most pressing information. Successful logos are both symbolic and simple. The customer needs to understand the message and be able to recall it readily. If a logo is too complicated, the customers may not recall your business when needful of your services.

Logos play a significant role in establishing your brand identity.

Since a company’s logo is on everything from the building to envelopes, the image is the strongest association for your customer base. If a logo is crafted without sufficient thought, the image could leave a negative impression on customers. Your logo is the first chance to make an impression on your partners’ minds, so do not waste this opportunity with a poorly crafted logo. A logo should be sleek, communicative, and simple in design. If your company is looking for logo design, Harbin Designs, based in Peachtree City, will create a logo which embodies your business’s values and showcases your company through superior design.

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