Visitor to Customer: Part 6


Missed opportunities can lead to lasting regrets. The fear of “missing out” is widespread, especially in our world of constant connection. Whether missing out on true love or a BOGO shoe deal, the anxiety associated with “missing out” is powerful and can be a persuasive way to change visitors to customers. Before this blog sounds especially cruel, this technique is appealing to the desire to be included and live without regret, which can truly be healthy and pro-active.

So why is helping our customers not miss out necessary?

Fighting against procrastination and apathy is important.

If customers think they have forever to take part in your promotion or utilize your services, they probably will feel no hurry. Retail companies, such as Amazon, utilize this strategy very clearly. When shopping online, there is a countdown clock showing how long you have left to purchase the item to receive it on the desired day. Another example would be email marketing campaigns by retail businesses, such as Old Navy, highlight their 40% off deal ending by midnight. Setting a limit on the availability of your product or service can give the needed push to keep your visitors from thinking, “Oh, I can do it later.”

Visitors need to see that your product or service is not in unlimited supply.

Your company may have hundreds of rugs in stock and your installation schedule may have openings, but your supply still has an end and your technicians only have so many hours in the day. Your product and services are not endless, so make sure your visitors are aware, so they will be encouraged to take part in your promotions. This mindset is why companies such as Groupon show the volume availability of the deal. Visitors feel the need to jump on the deal quickly, so they will not miss out on the limited number of specials left. Show your customers the value of your service and products by highlighting exclusivity.

When other visitors have taken part in a deal, let your customer base know.

Not only do we feel reassured by seeing other people took part in a promotion, but we also feel the push to buy in and not be left out of a good deal. Showing the number of products or services purchased encourages confidence and increases the chances more visitors will want to be included.

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