Online First Impressions Matter


When you walk through the front door of a business, what do you notice first? A smiling face behind a counter or desk, an attractively designed display of products, or a comfortable location to sit could be some of the first things to grab your attention. All of these things have something in common: you. You are greeted by a friendly face hired to cater to your needs. The display is set up to appeal to the customer the minute you walk into the door. Obviously, the seating location is meant for you so that you can be comfortable. When businesses go to great lengths to ensure a customer’s comfort, the first impression will likely lead to return visits. Think of a professional website accomplishing the same task.

A website is the front door of your company.

“97% of consumers search online for products and services—yet 58% of small businesses do not have a website.” (Google) In the technically advanced world we live in, most potential customers are going to look online to find out more information about your company. Think of your website as the front door to your company. If your business does not have a webpage at all, the consumer will likely choose a competitor which they feel more informed about based upon their website. The only thing which is almost as detrimental as not having a website is not having a professional website. If your website looks dated or poorly crafted, you could be helping your competition greatly. According to Stanford University, “75% of internet users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on visual aesthetics alone.” Simply put, your website is just as important as the lobby or entryway of a brick and mortar business. If your customers find the visual appearance of your website to be less than professional, your company’s fate could be sealed.

Your company will be judged based upon your website.

Stanford also noted “It takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form a first opinion of your brand once they’ve perused your company’s website.” Essentially, the pressure is on to create a website which showcases your business because your website will be judged in less than a second. Now that you know why a website is vital to your company’s success, considering a few vital components, such as modern aesthetics, relevant functionality, and accessibility to the users, will highlight what a professional site looks like.
The overall design should appear modern and clean. The initial page should be the most important details which will hook in your customer base. In regards to functionality, your site should have features which are convenient for the user, such as forums, web applications, databases, and animated sliders. The most aesthetically pleasing website could lose the customer if it is not easily accessed. All information should be able to be viewed easily with no more than three clicks. If your company would like a professional website which includes all of these components, Harbin Designs can create the best digital first impression for your business.


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