Visitor to Customer: Part 8


Did they get away? Is there still a chance to convert visitors who didn’t become customers straight away? Although converting visitors to customers without delay is obviously ideal, but not all hope is lost if it was not love at first sight.

How do you reach out to those visitors who were not quite ready to buy in?

Sweeten the deal when necessary.

When it comes to online retail, shopping cart abandonment is an obvious indication of a visitor choosing not to become a customer. According to research conducted by Baymard Institute in 2018, the current rate of cart abandonment is 69.89%. Although there could be many reasons for abandonment, commonly the left behind buggy is due to the total being higher than anticipated based upon shipping cost. Unfortunately, you cannot control the high prices of shipping, but you can account for them. Choosing to lose a little profit to offer a discount overall or free shipping could be worthwhile to secure the hesitant shopper. Some retail sites, such as Wish, offer 5% off if the order is completed right away to visitors who start to close their shopping cart, which is beneficial to catch the partner who would have gotten away.

Remind them of the product or service.

Reminding your potential customers about all the available deals numerous times can be helpful. When targeted more specifically, the reminders can be even more impactful. For example, Old Navy will highlight the items from your abandoned cart via Facebook and Instagram as well as send a reminder email, saying something like “Don’t forget about your items.” The more times a visitor sees the desired items, the more likely the purchase will take place. In research conducted by EMarketer, 3 out of 5 online shoppers notice when a product they looked at on another site appears advertised on another platform. This tactic, called remarketing, has an overall positive response from shoppers–Most visitors will be okay with a reminder about something they are already interested in.

Ask the visitor if they need help before buying.

Sites can be designed where live chat can be initiated quickly so a visitor does not leave in frustration. If a visitor is hesitant, a quick check in from one of your customer service professionals could make a difference. Additionally, if a visitor provides their email address to you for further communication, an email list, or a free product, utilize the email address to make contact and ask if they need further support. A little personalized care can go a long way in converting a casual visitor to your site to a devoted customer.

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