How Does Professional Photography Enhance Your Website?

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Beyond their worth of a thousand words, pictures convey volumes about your company in a glance. In a moment, a potential partner can learn what your company does and how you can help them. To have the desired impact, pictures have to be intentional. Just having pictures on your website is not enough, they have to be strategic.

Pictures can communicate your company’s mission or values

A company is more than the services they provide. At the core of a business are the guiding principles and standards which impact the ins and outs of the company every day. When a company prioritizes the highest level of customer service as their mission, the focus of the employees is always working towards this goal and the customers will feel this dedication.

Once a customer experiences your company firsthand, they will likely get a sense of your mission and values, but you can engage them earlier through pictures. A customer might read your mission page on your website, but they absolutely will see the initial image which pops up on your home page. The first pictures on your site can be photographed intentionally to depict how service oriented your company is. Even though the visitor may not realize it, they have already been exposed to the core of your business in a short glimpse.

Pictures can communicate your level of effort.

Customers have confidence in a company largely because of how hardworking and dedicated they are to them. In all things, your website should convey the effort your business makes. If your website is full of poor quality photographs snapped haphazardly by someone’s phone, potential partners will take note. A company which has not made efforts to appear professional with appropriate photographs can easily lose the confidence of their partners. Although stock footage can be done well, the lack of customization does not allow for your company to truly be showcased.

Pictures help connect people to your business. 

Relationships are what make long-term customers. A customer who feels a bond with your company not only will call you when a need arises, but will likely recommend your services to friends and family as well. Pictures can help form the connection. When Bob the serviceman comes to the door, a partner can feel more at ease as they have seen Bob regularly featured on the photos from the company website. The photos on your website can be a great foundation for forming a comfortable long-term relationship with your partner base.

Pictures help grab the attention of your partners.

Your site can have the most amazing written content, but will likely be overlooked if not paired with professional photos. Pictures can initially pique your potential customers’ interest, so they will be intrigued enough to explore your content further.

At Harbin Designs, we are committed to helping your company build a great first impression. Professional photography can easily impress and inform your customers in a quick glimpse. Contact us to begin showcasing your company through photography.

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